Welcome to my Wedsite! I'm Fameth Hestburn!

Fameth Hedst burn is a young man and a very good boy who attends ABELON ACADEMY OF ADVENTURE and has many friends! Many.
I am really a good person. I'm a young Satyr who comes from the feywild and hates common. The teacher is nice but the PIRANOTH TRAUMA EVENT really makes me hard to focus on learning and education and whatever else. You Can feel free to browse my web site and tell me about it!

I Have a sphinx parent named Hestburn who is a teacher. Wizer.d too! They are called pibpib on the blog. You can call them pibpib too because there are never enough children and brothers and also siblings. I have Five siblings right now and always looking for more opportunities. If you'd like to we can talk on the farie phone.