Welcome to my Wedsite! I'm Fameth Hestburn!

The piranoth was an ice guy giant ice guy summoned by some hags cause of a stupid in school cult worshipping elementals. They took my horn and its ok because someday they will not wake up again. I will make a pact with the fairies if i have to.
Piranoth was a dangerous guy who was made of ICE and snow. I fought it with my friends but matias banished it to the hell world of lava. There was rats and primordial language scooping out how to summon the thing and they did it. There was a lot of kids with magical abilities in hag basement chained on the walls. A giant pillar of ice in the middle. The hags used soul magic to give their own being to destroying me. However I"M FAMETH FUCKING HESTB URN AND I WON ANd i nearly KILLED atlas and his friends with my BIG BODY and they hurt me but i will be stronger FOREVER than some two bit cultist. However my common homework is harder now.